Wi-Fi Consulting

Businessman using smartphone in his hand. Laptop and architectural project documents on table.
One of the most frustrating scenarios imaginable is when you purchase a state-of-the-art wireless solution, but its configuration is not optimized. The majority of companies selling Wi-Fi hardware leverage value-added resellers that do not thoroughly understand the technology. We pride ourselves on our wireless knowledge and expertise.


Troubleshooting Wi-Fi installations or issues is our core competency. We routinely deal with issues as simple as improving a channel or a power plan, or requiring spectrum analysis and wireless controller configuration audits. Our network architects and engineers are very comfortable troubleshooting your network all the way down to the packet level. This is where the inspiration for the name of the company comes from.


We are very closely aligned with the RFID consortium and have implemented various active and passive RTLS systems at several hospital systems. We continuously research and work closely with companies like Stanley Healthcare, Centrak, and others to provide the highest level of value to our clients. In healthcare, that may mean leveraging the same system and a single pane of glass for asset tracking, asset management, temperature monitoring, distress badges, and hand hygiene.

Medical Devices

Interframe participates numerous industry working groups including the the AAMI Wireless Strategy Task Force, HIMSS Mobile Health, and the Wi-Fi Alliance Healthcare Group to ensure that the latest best practices for the support of wireless medical devices. ITS works with companies such as GE and Phillips to ensure that we are aware of the types of devices on the horizon. Specializing in wireless medical device integration, ITS keeps a close eye on the latest FDA and FCC events and publications to ensure that we are bringing you up to date guidance. We specialize in helping Healthcare organizations adopt IEC 80001, and develop a culture of collaboration between clinical engineering and IT departments.

Staff Augmentation

Interframe has an internal policy that every engineer on our team pursue CWNA certification at a minimum. We are plugged into the Wi-Fi community and have access to some of the best and brightest talent in the field. If you require a dedicated contract or full-time wireless engineer on site, we can help you find the right fit for your needs.