Wi-Fi Deployment

Technician crimping a cable and installing a wireless network bridge.
We believe in end-to-end turnkey solutions where we design, install, and help support and continuously improve your Wi-Fi network.

Wireless Cabling and Installation

We understand the importance of proper aesthetics and orienting wireless access points and antennas properly. We partner with several companies specializing in custom access point enclosures in case you have unique aesthetic or environmental requirements at your facility.

ITS has a team of cablers who specialize in voice, data, and fiber optic cabling and wireless LAN rollouts based on reliable, high-quality, standards-based cabling and network infrastructure components. Whether implementing a new or upgraded LAN/WLAN or rolling out a new technology, having a network cabling system that is able to scale to accommodate bandwidth needs and easily integrate the latest technologies helps your business stay competitive and reduce overall infrastructure costs.

We provide end-to-end structured cabling solutions for a variety of industries, from healthcare to retail. Whether one location or thousands, we’ve got you covered. Our work is done with minimal disruption, and we complete projects on-time and within budget.

Voice, video, data, and other electronic means of communicating are everyday, integral parts of any organization. And every day, systems wear out, offices get remodeled, or businesses open doors. Ensuring that the “basics” of voice and data are guaranteed means having the right structured cabling and network infrastructure in place with the utmost in service and support.

ITS has provided voice and data cabling installation services for companies of all types and sizes, including organizations with hundreds or thousands of locations. We stay on top of cabling and communications standards, best practices, and technology advancements to make sure our clients can bank on the results we deliver.


There’s nothing more important that executing a go-live or network cutover with as little impact as possible on end users. We are seasoned in upgrading and deploying new Wi-Fi networks in mission-critical environments like healthcare. We can have engineers and architects onsite to help you resolve issues quickly and ensure that your go-live is as smooth as possible.